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RE: domain relationships

From: Dobbs, Brooks <bdobbs@doubleclick.net>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 18:12:49 -0500
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So something we may still need to clarify, if what we are trying to get
around here is implementers that have 1st and 3rd party restrictions.
Obviously IE makes some of its own defintions.  One such liberty in the
whole 1st third party thing is they rely on a "parent" request that
determines 1st partyness without ever really defining or even mentioning
"parent".  I think we assume this parent to be the file that returns
HTML that tells the browser to go pull child assets (beacons, images,
iframes, whatever).  IE has the notion that these sub elements can have
either a 1st or 3rd party relationship with the parent.  I think you
have addressed how *that* relationship can be more expressive, but does
anything in current P3P talk to the notion of their even being a parent

Imagine the following scenario.  

Weathersite.com declares an our-hosts relationship with adserver.com.
So now when adserver.com serves ads on weathersite.com there is a way
that weathersite.com can communicate that adserver.com should be treated
as 1st party.

Imagine however that there is another site publisher.com which embeds
content not only from adserver.com but also from weathersite.com.  What
is a UA to do?  Is adserver.com an our-host of weathersite.com or of
publisher.com.  Unless there is a definition or hierarchy of parent,
things get messy no?


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No, Rigo didn't update it. I've attached the latest version again.


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Subject: domain relationships

Jack is this the latest version?


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