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P3P Beyond HTTP Task Force - Tasks To Do

From: <Patrick.Hung@csiro.au>
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 23:04:06 +1000
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I am back to Australia from my trip in the US and Canada. 

Beside Rigo and I presented P3P and Web services privacy stuff at
the IBM + W3C workshop at Sydney, I also gave talks about Web 
services privacy in the context of P3P Beyond HTTP Task Force to
these institutes in North America in the past couple weeks:
1. Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)
2. University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Toronto, ON)
3. Rutgers University (Newark, NJ)
4. Virginia Tech (Falls Church, VA)

Most of the audiences found that this research topic is pretty interesting
and important for Web services-based e-business in the future.

In particular, Virginia Tech people has been doing some privacy research
topics in the context of Web services-based digital government. 

Overall, the people all believe that the direction of this task force is 
right on track. In general, there are six questions/comments from them:
(1) Looking forward to see more interactions between this task force
    and other W3C working groups, especially SOAP and WSDL.
(2) Need a big technical picture to demonstrate the roles of privacy
    and related concepts (e.g., trust) in different Web services-based
(3) Is there any legislation/law to support/protect P3P and Web services
privacy stuff?
(4) Will there be a new privacy language for describing privacy policies in
    services or directly adapt P3P in it?
(5) What is the relationship between the proposed Web services privacy ideas
(6) Have P3P working group considered a negotiation model for both P3P and
    Services privacy?

I think that there are three VERY IMPORTANT tasks to do:
(1) Start to interact and communicate with W3C SOAP and WSDL working groups.
I need
    help from Rigo and Hugo.
(2) Draw and describe a diagram to demonstrate the importance of privacy
    in a big picture. This is what I am now thinking...
(3) Find more participants. In fact, I did try to invite some researchers
involving into
    this task force. I did invite some researchers from Hitachi (Japan) and
    Tech (USA) to join us.

I am also going to give this talk to Macquarie U at Sydney on coming Friday.


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Hi Rigo,

> Yes, the beyond HTTP was already discussed earlier and we didn't wanted
> to preclude other uses. For WSDL, comments from Hugo are pending. I will
> try to get those soon. For SOAP, we might want some help from the XML
> Prot Group in constructing the binding. Perhaps Mark Nottingham is able
> to help us a bit.

That would be great. I will keep on thinking along this line. In fact, I am
on vacation from 29/8 to 7/9. However, I will try my best to attend next
week's P3P call.

> I think it is definitely a good idea to look into WSDL bindings. Isn't
> this what is already contained in the Task Force WD?

Yes, you are right. However, I think that we should polish the content in a
format that can be merged into the P3P 1.1 spec.

> We still have to discuss advantages and disadvantages of having a
> standalone document vs. integration into the 1.1 Spec (e.g. conformance)

I am looking forward to discussing with you on Sept 9. Have a nice trip.


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