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Agenda TC 10/12/2008

From: Héctor Pérez-Urbina <hector.perez-urbina@comlab.ox.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 11:28:35 -0600
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This is a preliminary version of this week's teleconference:

    *  Admin
          o Roll call
          o Agenda amendments?
          o PROPOSED: Accept Previous Minutes (3 December)
          o Action items status
                + Pending Review Actions
                      # Action 251 Update the spec to include
rdf:XMLLiteral and fix the annotations as proposed / Boris Motik
                      # Action 254 Create missing grammars in the
documents / Boris Motik
                      # Action 256 Set up telecon time poll for
rif/owl joint coordination one-time meeting / Sandro Hawke
                + Due and overdue Actions
                      # Action 257 Set up WBS poll for F2F times / Sandro Hawke
                      # Action 255 Write wiki page on mailing-list
behavior guidelines during last call / Sandro Hawke
                      # Action 252 Checking progress of XML Schema 1.1
and datetime datatype / Peter Patel-Schneider
                      # Action 250 Send mime-type registrations in to
IETF when we do last-call publications / Sandro Hawke
          o Announcing and soliciting reviews of documents (recorded here)
          o F2F5
    * Last Call Comments (see public-owl-comments and Responses to
Last Call Comments)
    * Test Cases
          o Update on guidelines and licensing issues
          o Location of test repository (see temporary location)
          o Approval of test cases
    * Plans for non-LC documents
          o Quick Reference Guide
                + Proposal: this document will/will-not be rec-track
          o New Features and Rationale
                + Proposal: this document will/will-not be rec-track
          o Primer
                + Add section on "repairs" (see Issue 56 and minutes
of 2008.12.3 teleconf)
                + Proposal: this document will/will-not be rec-track
          o ManchesterSyntax
          o Data Range Extension
    * Coordination with RIF: planning and/or outcomes
    * Features "At-Risk"
          o owl:rational support
          o xsd:decimal precision
          o owl:dateTime name
          o rdf:XMLLiteral support
          o OWL 2 RL Datatypes
    * Additional other business

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