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Re: UFDTF from tech plenary session

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Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 11:35:53 -0500 (EST)
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Jeremy wrote:
>Stuart thought that the View from the Outside tech plenary session might 
>be relevant to our TF.
>I found the slides:

I guess the "outside" referred to here is outside of the W3C standards
community.  However, the panelists are all web developers.  As such,
they are outside of the user community that I represent.  I represent
those who want to capture their domain knowledge in OWL, not those who
build tools to capture that knowledge or build UIs to interface with
it (others in the WG represent those communities).  Before someone 
says it... mine is not an anti-web perspective.  IMO - much of the
usefulness of the click-able web comes from the ability of non-web 
developers to participate by publishing into it directly without the 
need for esoteric software or specialized web experts.

Our standard needs to be useful to both those who build OWL tools
and those who author OWL content.  Since these are two different audiences
and the documents aimed at them have different goals, it makes a lot of
sense to break the work product of this WG into different documents or
document sets split along these lines.  This is what WebOnt did and
what the deliverables in our charter reflect.


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