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Re: A solution to integrate CWA into OWA.

From: Bijan Parsia <bparsia@cs.man.ac.uk>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 10:23:28 +0100
Cc: <public-owl-dev@w3.org>
Message-Id: <5705AC0B-E0DD-4FF8-B306-3A1533A2B37A@cs.man.ac.uk>
To: duanyucong <duanyucong@hotmail.com>
On 20 Aug 2011, at 07:58, duanyucong wrote:

> Hi Bijan,
> I and most others do come here to learn from you the words of abusive.

I think you meant "do not". (BTW, I find it wise to speak only for oneself!)

What happened to that rough and tough Yucongf who wrote "Your words can not be insult to me, since that i am not in content of the discussion."?!

However, you would still do well to look to the content of my critique. I'm not detecting an increase of your understanding or conceptual coherence in your, e.g., exchange with Pat.

Your unawareness of the severity of your confusion will probably continue to block your actual understanding. But whatever!

> I hope that you do not teach abusive words if you were involved in teaching anywhere. 

I do try to be blunt about the problems a student is facing. Unfortunately, you don't actually seem interested in learning. Oh well!

(Does it help you reevaluate the exchange to know that I do teach regularly and similarly regularly get excellent student evaluations? Your problem here, by my assessment, is that you don't want to face the actual problems with your writing and thinking. This is why I persist with the direct critique.)

> (1)"...And, of course, I wrote the second line *after* you told me you were a student and the first line *before*. That it is raining today and was not raining yesterday is not,.."
> -> ok, it is clear. i am student in learning OWL now and perhaps always.

I take it that by "I'm a student" you don't mean "I am enrolled in an education program, e.g., undergrad, PhD, etc", but "I'm non-expert"? This doesn't help you! Indeed, you seem to be looking for some sort of special consideration by latching on to this status. But whether student or expert or interested layperson, what you've been writing strongly suggests both ignorance of the area and a related set of conceptual confusions.

> Next time  please mark your sentence with simliar mark od "yesterda" and "today".
> Otherwise, we do not know how many papers or ideas whixh you published are with "yesterday" and "today" and how many of them do not need the marks.

Dude, you're doubling down on your misreading? Seriously? There were at least two other ways in which my sentences were perfectly and obviously non-contradictory, in addition to the fact that by context they were clear on the relation to "when I knew what I knew".

To reiterate: There was nothing at all contradictory in what I wrote. Your attempt to generalize to my publication record your mistaken critique, while hilarious, is further evidence of your difficulty in reading comprehension. Or your trolling skillz!

> (2)"...pace early Greek philosophers...."
> -> i do notr catch your meaning?

They struggled with accounts of contrary properties especially relational (Socrates is tall (wrt to one person) and short (wrt to another) (see the Phaedo)) and temporal (I am hungry now but full later, see the Parmenides and issues with becoming vs. being). 

Just as one thing can have contrary or even contradictory properties (as long as they are separated in some way so they do not relevantly clash), so too can I point out that I had no way of knowing that you were a student whilst also observing that your writing shared characteristics of some classes of student writing. And, of course, whether you are a student or not is irrelevant to the level of error present in what you write.

>  (3)"Similar cases of writing things that can be seriously misunderstood in spite of their plain meaning? I can not imagine how many similar cases either! Feel free to send me a comprehensive list!"
> --> see reply of (1)

Perhaps you don't understand what a "comprehensive list" is? Because you've not provided one :)


"when I have taken up this position, I run away, because I am afraid that I may fall into a bottomless pit of nonsense, and perish"
 Plato, The Parmenides <http://www.gutenberg.org/files/1687/1687-h/1687-h.htm>
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