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OWL 2 Comments: Please prioritize range restrictions for cardinality and for numerics

From: Carl Taswell <ctaswell@brainhealthalliance.org>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 08:24:59 -0800
To: <public-owl-comments@w3.org>
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Several years ago at the 2006 Society of Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting, I
presented the ManRay project on the initial development of an ontology for
radioisotopes, radiopharmaceuticals, etc, for nuclear medicine. Continuing
development of this ontology now awaits the new features of OWL 2 and I am
looking forward to its release. 


It was the absence of features in OWL 1 to define classes by range
restrictions on cardinality and also by range restrictions on values for
real numbers (ie,  floating point numerics) that caused the most problems
for me when working on the ManRay project, and it would be a great shame if
these features, now present in the draft for OWL 2, are somehow removed from
the final release for OWL 2.


So please do be sure to prioritize inclusion of features for cardinality
range restrictions and also for floating point value range restrictions. 


Thanks much.




Carl Taswell, MD, PhD

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