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RE: Pattern for annotation on regions or objects?

From: Vladimir Alexiev <vladimir.alexiev@ontotext.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2014 15:01:41 +0300
To: "'public-openannotation'" <public-openannotation@w3.org>
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Nobody has yet mentioned that you need to describe how the image was taken from the object, and bind it geometrically.
- Painting images often have different flags or aspects, e.g. recto/verso, framed/unframed, detail; visible-light/xray, etc.
E.g. see https://confluence.ontotext.com/display/ResearchSpace/Yale+Mapping+Problems#YaleMappingProblems-ImageViews
- But this just touches the tip of the iceberg.
 Consider that for 3D objects that'd be a lot more complex (going into the subject matter of standards like VRML and X3D)

CIDOC CRM has a way of describing locations on objects: E46 Section Definition. E.g. see:
- http://personal.sirma.bg/vladimir/crm/entity_list_cleaned.html#E46_Section_Definition
- http://personal.sirma.bg/vladimir/crm-graphical/#location 2
- http://personal.sirma.bg/vladimir/crm-tutorial/#slide41 
Unfortunately there's no standardization of expressing coordinate systems or coordinates for section definitions.

But I think it should mesh with E54 Dimensions. E.g. "the origin of this image is 5cm along the Width dimension, and 10 cm along the Height dimension".
- http://personal.sirma.bg/vladimir/crm/entity_list_cleaned.html#E54_Dimension
- http://personal.sirma.bg/vladimir/crm-graphical/#measurement 
- http://personal.sirma.bg/vladimir/crm-tutorial/#slide30

Also, it'd be good to record details of the image taking (digitization) process. 
There's an extension CRMdig dedicated to that.
E.g. there's crmdig:D11_Digital_Measurement_Event

I think the right workflow is:
- take images of objects
- record the geometric binding (E46 Section Definition) and provenance of the digitization process (CRMdig)
- annotate images (since many people can't touch the real objects, and there are few tools to annotate the real object)
- infer that the same annotations apply to the object (section)
- be able to query for annotations within a certain object region, coming from different images.
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