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NEW DRAFT: Documentation 1.0 alpha

From: Paolo Ciccarese <paolo.ciccarese@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2013 15:31:20 -0500
Message-ID: <CAFPX2kDTrK9SFUkdpALWoKWNiDqV09-GfHLV2AW7ZV5WX70ryw@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-openannotation@w3.org
Dear all,
with the new year, we are happy to announce the availability of the new
draft of the Open Annotation specs:

>From the table of content you will be able to reach the four main sections
currently published in separate documents:
* Level 1 : http://www.openannotation.org/spec/future/level1.html
* Level 2: http://www.openannotation.org/spec/future/level2.html
* Level 3: http://www.openannotation.org/spec/future/level3.html
* Appendices: http://www.openannotation.org/spec/future/appendices.html

As you can see, the specs are now organized in three different levels (plus
* Level 1 - Simple annotations: how to identify and describe the related
resources, and how to provide information concerning the creation and
intent of the Annotation.
* Level 2 - Annotations Involving Specific Resources introduces methods to
identify and describe a segment of interest, how to obtain the correct
representation of a resource, and how to associate style information with
an Annotation.
* Level 3 - Extended Annotations extensions to fill requirements that exist
across communities, and are thus necessary for interoperability, but are at
a level that is not required for the majority of simple annotations.

We believe the new structure will allow readers to start simple and then
gradually reach the level of complexity they require.
A tutorial with concrete examples will follow.

Also, as anticipated in a previous email
we now have one single namespace: oa

Looking forward to receiving your feedback!

Paolo & Rob
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