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F2F Decision: Style

From: Robert Sanderson <azaroth42@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 09:16:40 -0600
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Dear all,

I'm going to try and summarize the decisions that were made at the
face to face meeting two weeks ago.  While these are not written in
stone, we would encourage the discussion of strong technical arguments
as to why they should be overturned.
Each topic will be listed in its own email, please try to keep the
threads on topic to help us when it comes to writing up the new
version of the specifications.

*** Style ***

Style was defined as the ability to provide rendering hints for the
annotation to a consuming client.  Although semantics may be implicit
in styles (red for disagreement, for example), this notion was not
considered to be in scope and is dealt with in other ways.

The use cases were accepted as cross-community and important to deal
with, including:
- Single annotator sharing annotations with themselves between
platforms, where color has meaning to them
- Annotator discussing two segments of the same image, the "red"
segment and the "blue" segment
- Preventing situations where the internal colors conflict with the
colors of the resource, such as highlighting an image of the night sky
with a black border.
- Replicating existing functionality, such as Adobe's PDF annotations

The proposal discussed at the OAC workshop, the mailing list, first
conference call and again at the f2f was accepted.
The outstanding issue of whether it should be in oa Core or Extension
was decided that, as an optional aspect, it should be in Extension to
make the core easier to understand.

The oa:Style class and oa:hasStyle predicate will be removed, and the
following added:

- oax:styledBy    (domain oa:Annotation, range oax:Style)  The object
of the predicate is a resource that provides rendering hints to a
consuming client about how the annotation and its component resources
should be displayed.

- oax:Style  (class)  Parent class for Style resources.

- oax:CssStyle (subClass of oax:Style)  The resource is a valid CSS
document that uses the @document url() {} construction to provide
styling hints about the resources in the Annotation.  (further
examples and documentation forthcoming)

Thus apart from the core/extension decision, everything is exactly as
in the wiki:


Rob & Paolo
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