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Re: Date for next telecon?

From: Luc Yriarte <luc.yriarte@intel.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 16:45:22 +0200
Message-ID: <523C5F82.5020205@intel.com>
To: public-nfc@w3.org
CC: dcoleman@chariotsolutions.com
Hi Dave,

We must be about ready to a first public working draft now that we have 
use cases indeed. Regarding testing, I was considering implementing the 
6 simple use cases mentioned in the draft, on top of Cloudeebus / Neard 
as we did for the MWV 2013 conf, plus on Android on top of Don Coleman's 
phonegap NFC plugin.

I pulled the code and got it running on an Android phone, it seems to be 
really well written and modular, so I guess it would make a very good 
starting point for implementing the draft API.

I'll also check with Jacques for the teleconference.



On 09/20/2013 03:35 PM, Dave Raggett wrote:
> Now that we have the Summer break behind us, it would be great to sync
> up on where we are on publishing the editor's draft as a FPWD. If I
> remember correctly, we are very close now that the use cases have been
> added, right?  After publication we also need to start thinking about
> testing.
> Which day would be good for the next call?
> Many thanks,
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