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Towards a common NFC draft...

From: Yriarte, Luc <luc.yriarte@intel.com>
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 10:04:44 +0000
To: "public-nfc@w3.org" <public-nfc@w3.org>
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Hi all,

It really was a pleasure to meet you guys last week at MWC, I hope you had a nice trip back. Working towards a common NFC draft, I'd like to setup a list of items that every side wants, so that they would be included in the spec. Feel free to add stuff as appropriate. For reference, the existing APIs are here:

What I'd like to take from the Tizen API:
- A NDEFMessage interface that's an array of NDEFRecords, and the inheritance hierarchy of NDEFRecord types
- Separate NFCTag and NFCPeer interfaces, each having their own methods for reading / writing or sending / receiving NDEF Messages. That allows registering a listener for NDEF messages on a peer device, that could send a bulk of messages, but just invoking a "read" method on a tag. Also, all the pairing / handover stuff is done at the NFCPeer interface level. BTW last week's slides, including the updated spec with BT handover, are accessible there:

What I'd like to take from the Webinos API:
- It's event-based. Right now the Tizen-based API uses only callbacks, and that would not work well with the Webinos / node.js framework. If I understood correctly what Hans explained the node.js implementation uses HTML5 server-sent events. The Javascript code runs on the device, raise a very light http server, and the UI code in the web browser registers for server events. Please correct me if I'm wrong. 
Anyway I believe it would make sense to align with the EventTarget / EventHandler model of the Sysapps group proposals like Telephony, Messaging and so on

As far as I'm concerned that's what I consider is important to get right, I have no strong opinion on what to do with MIME / binary data, lower level comms (LLCP), read only tags... please add your opinions and what you feel strongly about. 



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