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A bigger group...

From: Brian Kardell <bkardell@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 08:17:12 -0700
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To: "public-nextweb@w3.org" <public-nextweb@w3.org>
Our group has been growing, so I'd like to welcome new members and make
sure that everyone is aware of what we've been doing and try to encourage

1) We would like to collect any examples of prollyfills in the wild.  A few
are listed in the wiki and some more have been discussed on the list
itself.  Know of one?  Let us know.

2) Promote the ideas - if you see something that could be prollyfilled,
suggest/submit it - mention it in lists, blogs, twitter, etc.

3) Web-IDL project - in order to get native implementation and have an
increasingly robust draft, we're going to need to provide Web-IDL.  Web-IDL
is pretty complicated to get right and it's not the way most of us think
about things - yet it does provide some important things when we are
discussing/considering standards.  To this end, we have a project to make
it easier to work with Web-IDL, generate stubs, etc... A lot of work has
been done on this, very much of it contributed by Marcos.  There are
currently 30 open issues and it's not where we want it to be yet.
https://github.com/extensibleweb/webidl.js Any help on that would be

4) Collecting ideas about common tools where there are cross-cutting
problems and gaps in prollyfilling.  For example:  Currently  you have to
parse CSS in order to prollyfill anything in CSS - seems like one very
robust parser and definition of a good generic/usable OM would be really
sensible.  Others?

Brian Kardell :: @briankardell :: hitchjs.com
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