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From: Chevrollier, N.G. (Nicolas) <nicolas.chevrollier@tno.nl>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 20:56:31 +0100
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Dear all,

Some of the risks that we have identified in this study
are listed below. It is related to satcom and capacity building but I
reckon that many of them remain valid in the scope of mobile internet.

Unfortunately I won't be able to join this coming Monday but feel free
to get back to me if any question arises. 



Type	Description	
Structural Risks	Influence of changes in policy definitions and
scope affecting the Capacity Building sector (geographical districts,
national development programmes, national competent organizations and
	Dependency on national resources and means, implementation
policy, regulatory aspects	
	Influence of ICT development policies by having a ministry of
ICT for instance	
	Externalities caused by international and/or multilateral
cooperation programmes (to access contents, external expertise,
development grant)	
	Constraints and evolution in national and political contexts	
	Import/Export barriers	
Strategic Risks
	Uncertainties about the potential target markets (potential
beneficiaries, level of demand and competitive offers, affordability)

No local demand	
	No accuracy of the financial planning (validity of the
scenarios, projection hypothesis)	
	No stability and effectiveness of partners' cooperation
affecting the CB project - Support by the required stakeholders	
	No capability to overcome cultural, social and psychological
	No readiness of human resources, competence, motivation,
commitment and availability for instance
*	Lack of trained people
*	Retention of trained people, cope with turnover	
	Nature and quality of the national and regional technology
market: presence of manufacturers, service providers, nature and quality
of after-sale services, tariffs		
	Evolution of the telecom markets (national plan, competition,
	Isolation of the CB initiative from the regional/national
	Local factors (access to and stability of basic services,
	No sense of ownership	
	Too much peer pressure	
	Lack of local champion	
Technical risk	Quick obsolescence of the adopted ICT solutions and
	No adequacy in terms of stability and usability. 	
	No adequacy in terms of scalability and support.	
	Difficulties in accessing appropriate and sustainable content	
	Lack of power source/energy ->Power grid, generator	
	Wrong technical solution, Malfunctions and technical problems
caused by not suited equipments	
	Poor performance	
	Lack of technical reference documents in the local language	

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