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Re: Intro

From: Henri Asseily <hasseily@telnic.org>
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 16:40:28 +0300
Message-ID: <B12E626F-A27D-4A67-BF48-7F15ED10716E@telnic.org>
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On Apr 8, 2009, at 4:32 PM, Kai Hendry wrote:

> Thanks for the answers so far. :-)

At your service :)

> 2009/4/8 Henri Asseily <hasseily@telnic.org>:
>> No. Can't do A or CNAME. Prohibited.
> How come http://henri.tel works? How come you don't have a blog/ 
> homepage?

> How come there is an A record in `dig henri.tel`? Does telnic force

> all Web hits to be served from one centralised place?

There's a single A record that's hard-coded and not user-modifiable.  
The A record points to a Telnic-managed proxy system that simply  
displays the DNS info in a standard web template. Not everyone knows  
dig or has an app that goes straight to the DNS, so it's kind of  
useful to be able to use the Web to see that info :)

For any content (blogs, pictures, etc...) you can use any of a myriad  
free services, or your own .com-type domain. Just point to them with  
NAPTR records on your .tel.

>> Allowed are MX, NINFO, TXT, NAPTR, LOC and generic.
>> But beyond that, there are structure definitions to the TXT and NAPTR
>> records specifically for contact info purposes.
> How do I look up or query NAPTR records with standard unix tools  
> like `dig`?
> `dig -t ANY henri.tel` does not seem to show NAPTR records on my  
> system.

Because the ANY command is mostly broken in most implementations and  
should be avoided like the plague.

dig +bufsize=4000 henri.tel naptr
dig +bufsize=4000 henri.tel txt
dig henri.tel loc
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