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Re: Music file format conversion possible?

From: Nicolas Froment <nicolas@musescore.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2017 17:30:55 +0100
Message-ID: <CALqBD6OrQ5KXYb832=aLtFfHvJFZCAw_6T77417p+yCBzrKftg@mail.gmail.com>
To: Luposian <luposian@cox.net>
Cc: public-music-notation@w3.org

MusicXML is definitely the right avenue to take. You should attach a PDF of
the song too. It will make it easier for people to make sense of the GME


2017-02-04 10:04 GMT+01:00 Luposian <luposian@cox.net>:

> I am trying to figure out if there is someone who can convert a unique
> version of XML used in the native file format of a certain music program
> (iPiano) that I use in MacOS X 10.3, to standard MusicXML, assuming that’s
> the best avenue to take in this venture.  The original program is obsolete,
> unsupported, and no source code for it is available.  If my Mac dies, so
> too do all my music files, as they are unplayable in any other program on
> any other OS.
> I’ve enclosed the native music format file (.gme extension) of one of my
> songs for comparison with a standard MusicXML format file.
> I was told by someone from MusicXML (the business; contacted on Facebook)
> that the only similarity is that it’s a variation of XML, and pointed me to
> this group, in hopes someone can help.
> Jared
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