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Chair's Interview Guide

From: olivier Thereaux <Olivier.Thereaux@bbc.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2012 08:59:44 +0100
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As mentioned in our previous calls, here is a proposal for an chairs interview guide. It is not meant to be a strict questionnaire, but more of a frame for the interview.

I have tested the questions on a very willing guinea pig (Virginie), and they seem to be ok - could always be refined a bit but usable enough. Both Virginie and I are keen to interview a few chairs at TPAC.

The questions:

 Tell me about your WG(s). 
  (Clarification question: size, activity, history, specific challenges)
 How long have you been chairing the group?
 Do you have a weekly routine as group chair? Can you walk me through it?
 As group chair, what is your most repetitive task? 
 If you meet a newly appointed chair, not very well versed in the art, what anecdote would you tell him/her?
 What is is the most challenging part of your role as chair? [Make sure to follow up with a clarification, let them develop this.]
 What is the thing you learned as a chair, that you most wish you'd been taught earlier?
 Do you know about the chair's Guidebook? Have you ever used it? Was there anything in there you really found useful? (anything you'd like to improve?)

There are also a few "vanilla" questions which can be used to dive deeper into a given question, such as:
 Have you talked to other chairs about this?
 Did anyone help you with this?
 How did/do you (usually) deal with such a situation?

I reckon this would make for a 30-ish minutes conversation.

Next: choosing / calling for interview candidates. Maybe we can talk about this during our call today?

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