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ACTION-507 Check with CTIC that W3C Software license is legalOK

From: Ignacio Marin <ignacio.marin@fundacionctic.org>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 16:08:10 +0200
Message-ID: <09700B613C4DD84FA9F2FEA521882819028852EB@ayalga.fundacionctic.org>
To: "public-mobileok-checker" <public-mobileok-checker@w3.org>

Obviously I am a bit late, but I had asked CTIC's AC rep (Carlos de la Fuente) before the alpha release and CTIC is OK with the part of our work around the Checker being published under the W3C Software License.

Our only requirement would be to be referenced as part of the contributors to the mobileOK Checker and its document (as it is being referenced everytime, by the way).

Just for the record of the tracker and to justify myself to close ACTION 507, I send this email.

Best regards,


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Le mardi 23 octobre 2007 à 09:06 +0100, Jo Rabin a écrit :
> Could you do your magic on the moki/examples directory and also on the moki/schema/schemaDiagrams directory?

Done, sorry I didn't think of fixing them directly...

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