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Re: ACTION-512 - Research getting line and column information from XPath

From: Roland Gülle <roland@7val.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 06:48:54 +0200
Message-Id: <9FB7788F-AA30-48B9-BC46-D5BFC1BBC766@7val.com>
Cc: public-mobileok-checker <public-mobileok-checker@w3.org>
To: Laura Holmes <holmes@google.com>

Hi Laura,

great research, thanks!

> This final implementation was decided upon after a few dead ends  
> with Xerces and Saxon's TinyTree. Both offer a class of ElementImpl  
> (or variation of that name) which contain a method called  
> getLineNumber() and getColumnNumber(). However, after trying to  
> implement these methods unsuccessfully, we learned that these  
> methods were inherited from an interface and had remained  
> unimplemented. After some more searching, it seems as if there are  
> no other methods that we can use to get column number without some  
> intense hacking on our side by possibly wrapping the nodes  
> ourselves with this information.
> So, in the end, we have line number but no column number. I'm going  
> to open this up for input and get some thoughts. If no one has any  
> objections, I'll commit the changes soon.
Getting the line numbers is the first big step,
but beside the problems you find in the research, lots of mobile  
generator tools print the complete page in one line.

The current solution, return the line and no column number, sounds  
for me OK for a basic 1.0 checker version,
but we have to keep this at the agenda for (maybe) later releases.

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