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Re: Mobile browsing

From: Phil Archer <phila@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 08:51:13 +0000
Message-ID: <4ED34B81.7000702@w3.org>
To: Justin Butcher <jaybone2010@gmail.com>
CC: public-mobile-dev@w3.org
Hi Justin,

There's nothing wrong with your phone, it's the Web sites that have been 
produced with no thought for mobile. Modern phones that zoom in and out 
of pages are a partial fix for the enormous legacy of 
designed-for-desktop-only sites but the only full answer is that content 
producers need to recognise that they're missing a rapidly-growing 
audience by not, yet, updating their site.

When you come across a site that you'd like to use on mobile but can't - 
and therefore move on to a competitor site - drop a line to the company 
that just missed out on your business! I did this a while ago with my 
favourite online bookseller (waterstones.com), saying that I had been 
forced to use Amazon. waterstones.com is now mobile friendly... (dunno 
if it was my e-mail that made them act but it might have helped push 
them in the right direction ;-) )

In a world where, incredibly, some companies still need to be told that 
if they're not online they're invisible, we have a way to go to make 
provision for mobile users the norm.

Spread the word...


On 27/11/2011 11:58, Justin Butcher wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm pretty new to mobile browsing and I am having problems viewing certain
> pages on my handheld. Pages such as this:
> http://www.payplan.com/iva-individual-voluntary-arrangements.php
> Which are fine on my pc, render very badly on my handheld device. I also
> have trouble viewing pages on the websites of some of the national
> newspaper websites. I have been told to put m. or mobile. in front of the
> url but this doesn't always work.
> I hope I am posting in the right place...thanks in advance.


Phil Archer
W3C eGovernment

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