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Help with Web Application Development and Mobile Phone Application Development

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Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 12:53:36 -0700
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Hoping you can help
me.  I am researching options for a few
projects.  I am fairly new to programming
languages so I would like to choose a solid platform to learn.  I have four projects to start as follows:


     a database driven Corporate Application that includes modules for User
     Information (Name, Position, Department, Education, Pay Grade, etc.),
     Scheduling, Asset/Inventory Management, Purchasing, etc.  It would be nice to have the application
     run on multiple platforms (Windows, Apple, etc.).  


     a Database Driven Web Site that includes a CMS.  It should include rich media content,
     Blog, Forums, Chat, eCommerce, etc. 
     It would be nice to have the web site execute on multiple browsers
     (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.).


     a mobile phone application that can execute on multiple devices
     (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, etc.).


     a mobile phone game that can execute on multiple devices (Blackberry,
     iPhone, Android, etc.).


I was hoping to learn
a language or languages that could be used for all these projects.  Learning one language would be preferred but
I think that is not possible.  I was also
hoping to combine the Corporate Application and the Website into one


I've researched quite
a bit and I'm not sure what to choose, especially for mobile phone app
development.  Below are a few options
I've researched.  Please let me know what
you recommend or if you suggest I use something else.  Any feedback is MUCH appreciated.


1.  HTML 4/5 and CSS with Microsoft SQL Server.
(I'm concerned some browsers will not be able to support HTML5 yet).

2.  Ruby On Rails.

3.  Java.

3.  Drupal.

4.  Joomla.

5.  ASP.Net with Microsoft SQL Server.

6.  VB.Net with Microsoft SQL Server.





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