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Feedback from FOMS

From: Silvia Pfeiffer <silviapfeiffer1@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 17:04:37 +1300
Message-ID: <2c0e02831001242004q787683a1qf01d67fbb95ab8be@mail.gmail.com>
To: Media Fragment <public-media-fragment@w3.org>
Hi all,

I'm back on deck and will be able to attend the next meeting.

Also, I have some very good recommendations to share from FOMS - these
are recommendations mainly from the Mozilla video element developers,
who suggested means of taking it forward to get an implementation

I gave an overview of what media fragments are about and we focused on
the temporal domain for discussions since that is the furthest
developed spec and also the easiest to implement. We discussed
, which is basically only the part where media fragment URIs are
mapped to byte ranges by the UA. This will be much easier to implement
in the future with the new Ogg Index - and index track that is being
added to Ogg to make direct access to time offsets easier. Right now,
Firefox is already doing UA based seeking through HTTP byte range
requests, so it will be easy to support this bit.

After it was understood what the spec is about, it was suggested we
split out those sections that are already stable and move those that
are still in the works into a draft for later release. Thus, we can
create a first, simple "versions" that can be implemented in full
right now.

The current version 1 should be focused on only client-side temporal
url addressing with URI fragments and should be published soon, since
it's simple to implement.

In version 1.1 we could further sort through other temporal
fragmentation URI approaches.

Further, the suggestion is to describe temporal URI fragments (#t=a,b)
to simply mean "focus attention" and thus to also provide a recommend
implementation. The implementation should be such that the full video
timeline is displayed, but only the given fragment played back, then
paused. A "reload" button will replay this fragment - pressing "play"
will continue playback at the play position.

I think these are sensible suggestions and would like to propose we
discuss them in the next WG meeting.

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