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EBUCore and Eurovision NewsML-G2 in RDF + MA-ONT mappings

From: Evain, Jean-Pierre <evain@ebu.ch>
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2011 22:34:02 +0200
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Dear all,

For you information and review if you have time. This is provided as a proof of concept on how cross RDF mapping would work with MA-ONT.

Two RDF mappings:

- EBUCore and MAWG MA-ONT: http://www.ebu.ch/metadata/ontologies/mappings/ebucore_maont.owl

- EBUCore aned MAWG MA-ONT and EBU NML-G2: http://www.ebu.ch/metadata/ontologies/mappings/EBUCore_NML2_MAONT.owl

Sources for the mapping:
- EBUCore -> http://www.ebu.ch/metadata/ontologies/EBUCore/ebucore_v06.owl

- MA-ONT -> http://www.ebu.ch/metadata/ontologies/W3C_MAWG/ma-ont-rev31.owl

- EBU NML-G2 -> http://www.ebu.ch/metadata/ontologies/NML2/ebu_NewsML_2_simplified_v07.owl 

Best regards,


De : Evain, Jean-Pierre
Date d'envoi : mercredi, 30. mars 2011 09:44
 : public-media-annotation@w3.org; ecm@list.ebu.ch
Objet : EBUCore and Eurovision NewsML-G2 in RDF

Dear all,

For your information...

The following ontologies are now available:

Well known EBUCore already mapped to ma-ont:
- EBUCore RDF: http://www.ebu.ch/metadata/ontologies/EBUCore/ebucore_v06.owl

Originally focusing on the metadata generated by EBU Eurovision but actually covered the entire NML-G2 NewsItem specification:
- NML-G2 RDF: http://www.ebu.ch/metadata/ontologies/NML2/ebu_NewsML_2_simplified_v06.owl

These two ontologies offer maximum compatibility with MA-ONT, why? Although I started working on EBUCore and NML-G2 before working on the MA-ONT RDF, I then focused on MA-ONT and learned a lot. In order to make sure that this experience wouldn't be lost, I reconstructed my EBUCore and NML-G2 ontologies from MA-ONT. ;-)

How was it possible? They actually all share a common class model !

Of course, it will be a piece of cake to do the same for TV-Anytime when I have some time.

Now, one question...

I have done the exercise to define the equivalence between the classes and properties, which is really easy in the above circumstances.  However, I am facing a dilemma. Should I declare the equivalences in a separate 'mapping ontology' pointing to the EBUCore, MA-ONT and NML-G2 ontologies as remote resources, or 'import' them within their own namespace in one ontology containing the equivalence declarations?

What is the sue case? How would this be actually implemented.

Advices, comments, reviews are welcome.

Note: most of the above is documented on tech.ebu.ch/metadata and resources can be found on www.ebu.ch/metadata.

Best regards,

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