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comments on OMR 1.0 mapping to IPTC Schemas

From: Michael Steidl \(IPTC\) <mdirector@iptc.org>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 16:49:27 +0200
To: <public-media-annotation@w3.org>
Message-ID: <001401cadcaa$d9383150$8ba893f0$@org>
Hi Media Annotations Group


I went over the Ontology for Media Resource 1.0 working draft
(http://www.w3.org/TR/2010/WD-mediaont-10-20100309/ )

and would like to make some comments on the mapping to IPTC G2 properties:


* general: the attribute for QCodes is named @qcode and not @QCode, this is
a syntax typo


* general: a couple of G2 properties require that the predicate of the RDF
triple is expressed by a resource identifier in the QCode format (or a
document-local one as literal). In short that are all the elements with a
@qcode property. In addition to this identifier a name may be added.
Therefore I strongly recommend that all properties you recommend to map to
are shown with an XPath pointing to the @qcode attribute first and then as
an addition to the name child element. This would align best with the
alternative {identifier URI|String} in your specifications. Currently some
of the QCode-properties have only an XPath to the name: contributor,
creator, itemClass


* ma:description: I recommend to map only to G2 description and headline.
Dateline is only a fraction of a description and slugline is only a sequence
of keywords and identifiers in a provider-specific context.


* ma:identifier: mapping is wrong: the identifier of a G2 is in its @guid
attribute, plus in the @version attribute. The altId as an alternative ID in
another system.


* ma:publisher: mapping to G2 provider is wrong, XPath
/newsItem/itemMeta/provider/facet/name/name does not exist. Proposal:


* ma:relation: 

- the clear equivalent of ma:relation is the G2 property "link" under

- instanceOf and memberOf do not establish a relationship to another item.
They express only that this item is a specific instance of a type/class of
items or that it is a member of a group of items 

- sameAs, broader, narrower, related must not be used with NewsML-G2 news
items, only with concept items.

- typo in NewsML-G2 column: istanceOf -> instanceOf


* ma:keyword: please be aware that the latest version of NewsML-G2 got a
keyword property added. The subject property has much more focussed
semantics ("the content of this item hasSubject ...." while the one for
keyword is much more open - and vague, but the property is simply widely


* ma:genre: the XPath mappings in the rightmost column are wrong. Must be
/newsItem/contentMeta/genre/name or /newsItem/contentMeta/genre/@qcode


* ma:rating: I recommend mapping to/from the G2 urgency property which is in
a 1 to 9 integer range.


* ma:collection: the G2 memberOf property is the perfectly equivalent one


* ma:location: typo in /newsItem/partMeta/located/literal, should be
/newsItem/partMeta/located/@literal - the same applies to @qcode


* ma:frameSize: may I ask if the first word in the How-to-Mapping column is
a typo: should "Beware ..." be "Be aware of ..", we would prefer the second


* ma:fragements, ma:namedFragements: I understand that the OMR 1.0 makes
only a difference by either using a role or a label with the resource ID. In
a first approach the G2 partMeta is the right property for this purpose. The
tuple partMeta/role/@qcode + partMeta/@partid is highly equivalent to
ma:fragements, while the G2 partMeta has no name/label, thus not fully
equivalent to ma:namedFragements. And I cannot identify the equivalence of
the Xpaths of the rightmost column with the OMR definitions.


* ma:title: no mapping recommended, I propose using the title element under


* For the reference to the NewsML-G2 specifications on the OMR main document
please use the URL http://www.iptc.org - thanks



In addition to this review of the IPTC mapping I would like to add one more


* as the IPTC is very involved in XMP we would like to point out, that the
"Table 1: XMP" is misleading: the "XMP Attributes" like dc:contributor etc
are definitely not part of the XMP specifications, as the namespace prefix
indicates they are part of the Dublin Core specification. XMP is a
completely metadata property agnostic framework based on RDF/XML - and Adobe
makes only use of some properties in their implementation for Adobe
products, like Photoshop etc. But it would be fully XMP compliant to have an
XMP packet without a single Dublin Core property but Descriptions,
Identifiers etc. from other namespaces.


Many thanks for this work as we see that NewsML-G2 provides one of the most
complete mappings to OMR of all referenced metadata schemas, so it may make
sense to stay in touch.


Best regards





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