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MathOnWeb CG -- meeting minutes 2018-08-30

From: Peter Krautzberger <peter@krautzource.com>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2018 10:44:41 +0200
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Hi everyone,

Here are the minutes from the meeting on August 30.

In the meeting, we decided to reduce the main meeting to a monthly one. So
the next meeting of the full CG will be Sept 27 (but TFs continue to meet


# MathOnWeb CG 2018-08-30

* Present: Peter, Neil, Dani, Kevin
  * regrets: Joanie, Volker, Charles
* Peter: as per actio, I created the wiki page discussed on Monday for a11y
  * I also created one for CSS TF as per the last meeting
    * prepping for tpac should be priority for the next few weeks
  * Neil: who's going?
    * Peter:
* Dani: now that TFs meet, can we reduce the Thursday meetings?
  * once a month? less?
  * Neil: having a meeting would be good, e.g., I can't make the CSS TF
  * => AGREED: 1 main meeting per month is enough right now
* Neil: does anyone know more about MathML related funding?
  * Sloan giving to NISO
  * => interesting news, not much info to be found, nobody had heard more
* Dani: on a11y. say we want to label something as fraction
  * with a dictionary, we have to make it open
  * but another question is navigating through an expression
  * we seem to mixing these and get confused over it
  * e.g. an role for fraction is a feature
  * but is not sufficient for what we want to do
    * e.g. aria-label overwrites entire accessible name
    * e.g. on the other hand aria-owns describes structure differntly
  * when talking to ARIA/APA we should separate those clearly
  * Peter: yes, I think some of Monday's meeting was already going in this
  * Neil: right, extracting the semantics even falls into two parts:
inference and speech/etc generation, then there's navigation
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