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[math-on-web] CG meeting minutes, 2017/04/27

From: Peter Krautzberger <peter.krautzberger@mathjax.org>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2017 15:13:13 +0200
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Hi everyone,

Below are the minutes from the CG meeting last week.


## mathonweb CG, 2017/04/27

* Present: Peter, Dani, Volker, Charles, John, Sam, Neil

Updates from the a11y TF

* Daniel: back to math role
  * now feel it's useful, like img but not "... image" but (sometimes)
  * Volker: still concerned about "math"
    * not general enough for scientific content (e.g., chemistry)
    * e.g., "equation"
  * Daniel: agree need for more general
* Peter: as per last discussion, roledescription seems destined for htat
  * but "...math" might be more vendor-specific, so we could approach them

* Peter: do you feel ready to discuss with ARIA WG?
  * coordinate, ask them what we can provide them with, how we might help
positively shape
  * Daniel: and simply get to know each other
  * ACTION Yes

* intro: Sam Dooley
  * invovled in MML from earliest days
  * MathWG
  * Pearson, School Assessment
  * previously IBM, Netscape plugin techexplorer, turned into math equation
editor, now JS, used in TestNav Testing platforms
    * about 30million ContentMathML for high stakes assessment, machine
scored by automated scoring services
    * also free responses that are hand coded
  * recently extended for a11y (Nemeth input&output)
* intro: Neil Soiffer
  * used to work on MathPlayer at Design Science
  * MathWG member
  * a11y for a long time

* Peter: about role=math problems
  * TF had thought about this as first step for talking to ARIA
  * But now suggest to leave it since it can't be changed much
  * Daniel: in favor of role=math as a good role
    * and https://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria-1.1/#aria-roledescription would
help as well
* Peter: planned reaching out to ARIA WG for joint call
  * a11y TF in a good place to start discussion
  * Daniel: explain what our problems are
    * e.g., advanced tools for navigating

* Daniel: demo of WIRIS, http://www.wiris.net/demo/editor/tests/en/test.html
  * JAWS, NVDA, Narrator works; VoiceOver is a problem
  * uses live regions
  * preview of speech text in page (both live and complete string)
  * Volker: ChromeVox were you using the extension or ChromeVox.next?
  * Charles: are those regions assertive or polite?
    * => assertive
  * Daniel: if you test, keep in mind that the live region lives elsewhere

change CG meetings to topic-oriented cycling  (layout, accessibility,

* Peter: agenda item: reorganizing meetings
  * focused themes, cycle through topics we identified last year to bring
back lurkers
  * Dani: makes prepping meetings easier, with
  * John: personal time-limitations would make single meeting easier
  * Volker: smaller meetings were more productive, focus might bring down
number of participants
  * Neil: monday time is too hard for PST, focus is good
  * => agreed
* Peter: topic for next meeting
  * layout, notations
* Neil: how about human notation/layout that are not currently represented
on the web
  * human notations for teaching procedural
  * Peter: great idea, never seen a survey of that
  * John: examples from Wiley books might be useful
  * Peter: ACTION ask Jean
  * Peter: related: latinreq, https://www.w3.org/TR/dpub-latinreq/#equations
  * Neil: would be interested in non-US examples
* Peter: next meeting topic: layout?
  * => agreed
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