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Fwd: Google Knowledge Graph Experiment

From: Murthy T <murthycreative@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 16:34:02 +0300
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To: public-lod@w3.org
From: Murthy T <murthycreative@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, May 20, 2012 at 4:16 PM
Subject: Re: Google Knowledge Graph Experiment

Dear All,
It is wonderful, exciting, revolutionary etc. when larger companies put
forward,   hard produced theories which are originally from some other
professors and researchers. Companies do it  with lots of pompousness and
fanfare. In this case google must do a self search to see,  whether they
can simply take the ideas from well known conferences like KEOD ( knowledge
Engineering and Ontology Development ) 2010 in Spain and later years
similar ones held in different parts of the world. Brilliant people of
academia having meagre funds and and lesser company facilities , sit and
think  to produce the concept of Information to knowledge transformation
and they eloquently speak publicly, because they know the academic
community has norms and they will acknowledge the work if anybody uses it
later. But look at Google what they did,  If  I am right , Google blatantly
took concepts of INFORMLEDGE system from  research papers which is also a
patent pending now along with examples of Lions and Apples and put in new
Wine bottle of money spending and started blaring horns mocking at the
original publishers. Hey,  look at the magnanimity of those unknown
professors who published those papers freely for humanity in open places
like Cornel Arxiv, DBLP, even in Google scholar thinking that their
contribution will be acknowledged by other professors who may use their
ideas. Where as, here Google a big company took idea and copied even
examples and never ever mention about origional inventors  and such things
to public and pull up the shoulder and tells: we had worked, We had
invented, We had excited, We had explored and what not.!   Intellectuals
like you who are not doing paid advertisements for companies must help
professors and philanthropic researchers by standing for their rights of
getting acknowledged.

It is worth while to give a search for the term "Informledge' ( Information
to Knowledge) in Google itself and see papers from great researchers with
original ideas -what google claim as orrigginals- written so neatly and
given to students and other professionals. Where are we heading to? Your
support and strong reaction to help independent research community is
requested in this episode. Under the consciousness of people like you,
this episode will flare up to be a 21st century ethical issue, We are sure
about it.

Best Regards
IT Specialist.
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