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Re: [semanticweb] ANN: DBpedia 3.5 released

From: <baran@goldmail.de>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 18:27:34 +0300
To: "Ivan Mikhailov" <imikhailov@openlinksw.com>
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> On Tue, 2010-04-13 at 21:58 +0300, baran@goldmail.de wrote:

>> A fact of my experience since many years:
>> The homepage of my grandma is better accessible than the flagship(!)
>> of 'linked data' dbpedia.org...
>> Someone who has used the endpoint dbpedia.org/sparql intensively
>> knows what i mean:
>> After one or two hours or so, it hangs, i try dbpedia.org with FFox,
>> Opera, IE, >> it hangs also, after 5 minutes i try dbpedia.org,
>> i see the page, for dbpedia.org/sparql i put my simple query again,
>> it is ok.
>> Since years it is the same story in the same rhythm.

> On Wed, 14 Apr 2010 13:21:07 +0300,Ivan Mikhailov  
> <imikhailov@openlinksw.com> wrote:
> They say, the everlasting problem for professional cosmetics is growing
> quality of optics and media used for movies, celebrities should continue
> to look perfect. But I can bet you've never paid attention to that fact
> while looking at the final result.
> Similarly, growing database size and growing hit rate and growing
> complexity of queries are not obviously visible from outside, but turn
> the hosting into a race. We're improving the underlaying RDBMS as fast
> as we only can just to prevent the service from total halt. One might
> wish to provide a better service on their own RDBMS and thus to make a
> good advertisement, but nobody else want to do that _and_ can do that,
> so we're alone under this load.
> If you wish, you may help us with hosting and/or equipment, or simply
> set up a mirror site and we would be glad to redirect some part of load
> to your cluster. Even an inexpensive $20000 mirror would help to some
> degree.

I understand you so:

a.) There is enough know-how for running heavy SPARQL endpoints.
b.) But there is no enough money.

I cannot help in the way you think, because we work in different areas.

I can access different SPARQL endpoints with different lists of queries  
with a mouseclick under a single user-interface (surfing rdf-data with  
'similar' ontology structure) and i can write comments to you or to  
fitting mailing-lists as i did it yesterday, that's all, sorry,

thanks, baran.

PS: Also thanks to Kingsley Idehen for interpreting 'HP of grandma' as a  
friendly methaphor.

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