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Re: [semanticweb] ANN: DBpedia 3.5 released

From: Ivan Mikhailov <imikhailov@openlinksw.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 20:17:36 +0700
To: Leigh Dodds <leigh.dodds@talis.com>
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Hello Leigh,

> Out of interest, do you actually share any metrics on usage levels,
> common sparql queries, etc?

Sorry I can't help you much. Admins kept some logs for operational
purposes but I'm not authorized to provide them. If you would like to
see them, please make an official request to Kingsley, stating reason
for this request etc.

Best Regards,

Ivan Mikhailov
OpenLink Software
Received on Wednesday, 14 April 2010 13:18:21 UTC

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