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write enabled web of data / acl/acf/wac etc

From: Nathan <nathan@webr3.org>
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2010 18:16:43 +0100
Message-ID: <4BB777FB.1040300@webr3.org>
To: Linked Data community <public-lod@w3.org>
CC: Michael Hausenblas <michael.hausenblas@deri.org>
Hi All,

Simply looking for the best place to discuss acl/acf/wac / write enabled
web of data etc - mailing list or irc or private contacts - unsure if
this comes under the banner of "linked data" and thus this mailing list.
 i.e. whilst I can have a good realtime discussion about rest related
things, coming up short with regards discussing the aforementioned write
enabled web of data - any pointers?

Further, with regards the ESW wiki pages, I've not seen any
"discussions" yet on articles, and with some of the documents I do have
notes additions etc to add, but don't want to just ad them ad-hoc
without at least discussing or running past somebody else.

Many Regards,

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