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Re: want a ping api?

From: Dan Brickley <danbri@danbri.org>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 08:54:06 +0200
Message-ID: <4A35F00E.80300@danbri.org>
To: giovanni.tummarello@deri.org
CC: martin.hepp@ebusiness-unibw.org, Frederick Giasson <fred@fgiasson.com>, "public-lod@w3.org" <public-lod@w3.org>
On 15/6/09 08:41, Giovanni Tummarello wrote:
> We are currently processing from 500 to 50000 pings per day in
> sindice. (this is excluding semantic sitemaps, and excluding crawler
> findings)
> We are now scaling using hadoop, so that each one is completely
> reassoned upon (closure of all the imported or simply "mentioned"
> ontologies) before being indexed. This is performed on hadoop so we
> can scale to 500000 or whatever, just add servers. (this was described
> a few days ago on http://blog.sindice.com )
> If they community wants them for a reason i'll be happy to implement a
> ping "giveout" api
> I am not sure however how having such a mass of pings with no filter
> or some capability on top can help. What about RSS and pings on
> specific URIs or searchers? (like long standing queries?) wouldnt that
> be better?

As a vocabulary maintainer, I'd be very happy to have a custom feed of 
information relating to use of terms from any namespace I maintain. Plus 
general stats of course. We talked about this briefly and I'd like to 
make a proposal for the stats aspects (will blog something). Re pings, 
the point here would be to identify novel vocabulary patterns early on 
in their deployment lifecycle, so that in the case that they were 
innovative/creative, we'd know about it; and if they were simply in 
error, a conversation about alternative idioms could begin before the 
publisher was too committed to the quirky pattern...

Handwaving a bit on the detail,

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