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Querying DBpedia for state flowers

From: Terry Brooks <tabrooks@u.washington.edu>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 11:41:47 -0700
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I'm preparing course material about querying DBpedia from a web page using Firefox and Greasemonkey, unpacking the payload received and patching the information into a web page.  My sample SPARQL query is for the state flowers of states of the United States, a query that is listed on the Meow meow meow blog at http://www.craigethomas.com/blog/2009/02/anatomy-of-a-sparql-query-part-1-select/  

Strategies for unpacking the payload are complicated by unpredictable structural irregularities of the payload.  I was wondering if someone could suggest an explanation, or point out explanatory documentation that I could provide my students.

Most of the states have a predictable XML payload that is structured like this:

      <binding name="state">
      <binding name="flower">

But West Virginia's state flower is structured as a literal with an embedded HTML tag:

   <literal xml:lang="en">Rhododendron&lt;br&gt;(''Rhododendron maximum'')</literal>

And Florida's state flower listing contains escape characters:


There is also the general problem of multiple listings.  For example, California is listed with the California_Poppy twice.

What is an explanation for these structural irregularities?

Thanks, Terry

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