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Comments on sections 4-4.2.3 of the usage scenarios doc

From: A. Vine <andrea.vine@Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 18:04:19 -0700
To: I18n WSTF <public-i18n-ws@w3.org>
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This is all I could get to before Monday morning, sorry.

Comments on sections 4-  of the usage scenarios doc Example: 'getFlightDetails' Get fare information and restrictionsabout
a flight

Heading looks a little odd with the way it is capitalized and punctuated.

Must come up with a general way to write "end user" (vs. "end-user", prefer
without the hyphen).

4.1.4 Service Determined

"set of behavior" - add 's' to 'behavior'

If we're capitalizing "Provider" then we need to be consistent about it. Their
are weirdnesses with when we're referring to a specific Requester, Provider,
Service, and Locale, and when we're talking about the generic requester,
provider, service, and locale.  I cannot seem to follow the logic, and itmakes
the text harder to read. Example: 'flightCheck' Service

Are you saying you want to remove the hard-coded example?  Or what?

I don't get the point of "Example: Message portions of WSDL for 'flightPrice'",
if the locale is taken in external to this WSDL sample, then why bother putting
this WSDL sample in at all?  Or was this what you meant by your note at the top,

4.1.5 Data Driven

"ISO8601" => "ISO 8601" Example: 'getWeightRestrictions' gets flight luggage restrictions

" ... the application retrieves information, which is dependent ... " =>
" ... the application retrieves information that is dependent ... " Example: Stored User Preferences

"The person (or process) is asked to login, and the login information ..." =>
"The person (or process) is asked to log in, and the login information ... " Example: Data from Service to Service

" ... model, but is this case, a Requester ... " =>
" ... model, but in this case, a Requester ... "

"propogated" => "propagated"

4.2 Locale and Language Dependency in Message Exchange Patterns

" ...  locales may result a failure or ... " =>
" ...  locales may result in a failure or ... "

4.2.1 I-009: One Way Messages

Take quote marks out from around A and B.

4.2.2 I-018: Data Associated with a Default Attribute

"... a Web service is created that wraps a function that returns currencyvalues
as a single numeric field, ... " =>
"... a Web service wraps a function that returns currency values as a single
numeric field, ... "

I'd set off the word 'euro' when it first appears, based on the context.

I'm not clear on certain nuances in the currency object example.  If it'sclear
to everyone else, then it's me.  But I'd need someone to answer a couple of
questions :-)

" ... using ISO4217, which provide ... " =>
" ... using ISO 4217, which provides ... "

"Example: Multiple currencies in SOAP message" =>
"Example: Multiple currencies in a SOAP message"

Also, the final <env:Body> tag is missing its / in the example.
I would help to move the <currency> tag to the appropriate spot on the left.  If
we're trying to set it off, we could indent it more radically than the other tags.

"The following is an example which indicates the default currency in a SOAP
header. It is also possible to specify the default currency attribute in the
SOAP body instead of a SOAP header." - OK, granted we know we're missing "the
following example" but the preceding one already shows "the default currency
attribute in the SOAP body instead of a SOAP header."   Also, can there be more
than one SOAP header?  If not, change "a SOAP header" into "the SOAP header".

" ... 4.4.1 Pandora's box: Using non-internationalized Data Structures ... " =>
" ... 4.4.1 Pandora's box: Using non-internationalized data structures ... " or
" ... 4.4.1 Pandora's Box: Using Non-internationalized Data Structures ... "

Perhaps we can synchronize the real values of the 2 currency examples.  The
first one is good, the second one (in yen in the header) seems to have nothing
to do with the first.

4.2.3 I-013: Conflicts Between Requester's Expectations and Service's Locale

Remove quote marks from A.
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