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Re: Response to ITS comment about EMMA

From: JOHNSTON, MICHAEL J (MICHAEL J) <johnston@research.att.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 16:07:28 -0400
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To: <www-multimodal@w3.org>
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Dear Felix and ITS team,
The W3C Multimodal working group agree that it is important to 
provide guidance on how ITS markup may be used in EMMA and 
we agree to make the comments discussed in 
publicly available in some form, for example, as a W3C Note, 
or as information on our public page, but we would prefer to determine 
the exact format after EMMA reaches Candidate Recommendation,
in order not to slow down EMMA's progress. Could you please let us 
know if this is this an acceptable resolution to ITS-2?
Also, could you please confirm agreement with our
response to your first comment on "allowing ITS markup in 
EMMA". We believe that you expressed agreement in your 
but we want to make sure.
Michael Johnston
EMMA Subgroup
W3C Multimodal Working Group
Hello Jerry, all,
Jerry Carter wrote:
> This is my fault.  I apologize to the ITS team for mistakenly omitting
> the 'public-i18n-its' list.
no problem.
Below is the response which I would propose. We discussed it briefly at 
our ITS WG call. I'm sending it now to save some time, other ITS WG 
participants might come with additional feedback in this thread until 
Friday this week.
Thank you very much for your detailed responses to our comments.
We agree on your reply  to ITS-1: Allowing ITS markup in EMMA markup.". 
You basically stated that there is no language associated with the 
contents of emma:tokens, and we see that there is no value in allowing 
ITS markup in EMMA markup. There might be, however, a value for ITS 
markup (embedded or as external rules) which applies to the application 
specific markup, which is used
within EMMA, but not part of the EMMA namespace. See below.
Your reply to "ITS-2: Creating an ITS Rule file".: You say "NO RESPONSE 
NECESSARY". We think you could create an appendix in the EMMA spec, 
describing the two examples on the bottom of [1], and using text you 
created for your response to our comments. The appendix could be called 
"Internationalization and Localization of application specific markup in

EMMA", and we would be very willing to help with its creation.
A side note on you mentioning of processing instructions: There might be

problems with the precedence of ITS specific information, see sec. "5.4 
Precedence between Selections" of [2]:
"ITS doesn't define precedence related to rules defined or linked based 
on non-ITS mechanisms (such as processing instructions for linking
[2] http://www.w3.org/TR/its/

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