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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0601TechLocInfoDev" by YvesSavourel

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  = Provide a way to specify comments for translators =
+ To assist the translator to achieve a correct translation, authors may need to provide information about the text that they have written. For example, the author may want to: 
+  * tell the translator how to translate part of the content 
+  * expand on the meaning or contextual usage of a particular element, such as what a variable refers to or how a string will be used on the UI 
+  * clarify ambiguity and show relationships between items sufficiently to allow correct translation (e.g. in many languages it is impossible to translate the word 'enabled' in isolation without knowing the gender, number and case of the thing it refers to.) 
+  * explain why text is not translated, point to text re-use, or describe the use of conditional text 
+  * indicate why a piece of text is emphasized (important, sarcastic, etc.) 
+ === Provide your own note element in your schema ===
+ === Allow its:locInfo with XML Schema ===
+ === Allow its:locInfo with RELAX NG ===
+ === Allow its:locInfo with XML DTD ===
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