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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0908LinguisticMarkup" by GoutamSaha

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  '''[Felix Sasaki'''- Maybe it was not clear in the minutes of the ITS f2f at ERCIM in September, but that was what we decided to do. Goutam, I hope that I understood you correct that you would agree on what Martin formulated - that we solve the current simple (they are hard enough) problems of ITS first and come back to linguistic markup later.''']]'''
- '''[[Goutam Saha- Excellent remarks/comments in deed. It will be nice if AZ, MJD, FS, RI,YS or anyone add and share their knowledge on this recently proposed scheme at an appropriate time.]]'''
  '''[[Felix Sasaki- Goutam, as I said before, and - sharing AZ's comment - I think this is a tremendous piece of work. Nevertheless, I share MJD view that currently we are very busy with the preparation of the first version of the ITS tag set. We do not want to stop your work on the topic of linguistic markup, but we can not take it into account in the near future. I tried to make that clear before, I hope that you understand that.''']]
+ '''[[Goutam Saha- Excellent remarks/comments indeed. It will be nice if AZ, MJD, FS, RI,YS or anyone add and share their knowledge, at any suitable time, on this recently proposed scheme.]]'''
@@ -462, +462 @@

  <!-- 30 minutes past 9 (in Bangla, Hindi etc) --> 
+ <pos_cat name="time" type="der" meaning="30 past 1"> der baje </pos_cat>
+ <!-- 30 minutes past 1 (in Bangla, Hindi etc) --> 
+ <pos_cat name="time" type="dhai" meaning="30 past 2"> dhai baje </pos_cat>
+ <!-- 30 minutes past 2 (in Hindi etc) --> 
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