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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0509SpecScoping" by ChristianLieske

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The following page has been changed by ChristianLieske:

  '''[[FS''' CL, you made some changes to the DTD; now it is not the counterpart of the RELAX NG example anymore. What is the rationale behind your changes? If you have the attribute @translate and the attribute @translateScope (in my version), you don't need @translateYes or @translateNo anymore, I think. ''']]'''
+ '''[[CL''' Sorry for only looking at the DTD. Hopefully it does not cause too much trouble/efforts to bring als schemas in sync again.
+ Sorry as well for not being explicit about the rationale for the changes. Here it comes: 
+  * From my understanding, the 'translate' vs. 'translateYes&translateNo' decision is still pending
+  * 'dirScope' rather than 'bidiScope' seemed to be more consistent (since I detected the naming rule x+scope)
+  * 'isTerm', 'lingInfo' and the corresponding scoping attributes address some of the other requirements we
+    discussed (namely term identification and linguistic markup)
+  * 'equiv' addresses our mapping requirement
+ From my understanding, only the 'translateYes&translateNo' (rather than the 'translate') variant gives the power we need. Scenario: Overwrite the default for the element and for one of its attributes. You cannot do
+ {{{ <e translate="no" translateScope="." translate="yes" translateScope="@a" a="Review">456</e>}}}
+ Since attribute names have to be unique.
+ ''']]'''
  <!ENTITY % scope
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