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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0908LinguisticMarkup" by MartinDürst

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  [R023] To improve the translation process, it should be easy to take advantage of the capability of XML to embed linguistic-related metadata information in the structure of a document.
  '''[YS- This is just a first try to get things rolling. Goutam, Andrzej, anyone, please, to comments/add/etc.]]'''
+ '''[MJD- I'm totally amazed by the amount of work that is going into this page. However, this
+ shows that the whole field is huge. The properties/elements proposed in this page already
+ seem to be as many as those proposed in all the rest together. In my view, we should
+ continue working on linguistic markup, but for the actual work on a Recommendation concentrate
+ on the other, simpler problems first, and maybe save linguistic markup for Version 2 of ITS.]]'''
  The proposed scheme is to demonstrate how to embed syntactic, semantic and computational linguistic related metadata information in the structure of an XML document towards better translation through 
@@ -749, +755 @@

- 			<xs:attribute name="subtype">
+ 			&lt;xs:attribute name="subtype">
  					<xs:restriction base="xs:string">
  					<xs:enumeration value="adjective"/>
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