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Handling "translate" information in HTML 5

From: Felix Sasaki <fsasaki@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 10:32:21 +0900
Message-ID: <499B6525.50903@w3.org>
To: "public-i18n-its-ig@w3.org" <public-i18n-its-ig@w3.org>
Hello ITS IG,


contains a proposal about handling "translate" information in HTML 5. In
summary: not local ITS markup, but ITS rules files, e.g. for stating
that <code> is not translatable, and a mechanism for linking these to
HTML 5. What do all think of this? Coul we as the IG reply to this as
"we agree with the proposal"?

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