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[ESW Wiki] Update of "geoEncoding" by DavidClarke

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  '''[[RI''' Although the question has it, i think, the right way round to grab attention, I think the explanation may be better if it started off with the problem statement - ie. why should i care?  I think this should be put in very simple, graphic terms:  Characters are represented in a computer using bytes. If the bytes representing character in your text are misinterpreted you get a mess, like this... There a several schemes for associating bytes with characters, and determining what characters are included in a set.  Examples are...
  I fear the current text is too abstract and not simple enough.  ]]
- = What is Encoding? =  
+ '''[[DRC''' Is this a simpler approach, or is it too simple? ]]
+ = Background =  
+ == Simple Explanation of Character Encoding ==
+ Internally, computers store characters as numeric codes. The relatinship between these codes and the characters they represent in the character encoding.
+ == Problem Issues ==
+ Historically, different types of computer system from different countries or manufacturers have used different character encodings.
  '''[[RI''' This heading should be either 'answer' or 'background' for an FAQ. Take note that that will limit the level of nesting you go to.]]
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