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[Fwd: Re: New Q&A: What is an international web site?]

From: Tex Texin <tex@i18nguy.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 15:26:48 -0400
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some clarification on CALD, as we discussed

from a private mail to me from Andrew, slightly edited by me.
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> If CALD is a standard term:
> - I'll add it to the glossary

its standard in this part of the world, replaces LOTE and NESB. 
Sometimes found as CLD instead of CALD.

> - perhaps we should give some examples and or links for more information.

  a good idea. Just of the top of my head:

>>- a site  in more than one language intended for a local culturally and
>>linguistically diverse (CALD) community.

illustrates a couple of features common to some of these types of sites, 
esp. the extended help information on viewing and typing in languages 
other then the national language.

>>- a site in (one) national language and containing resources in multiple
>>languages intended for mediated access by a local culturally and
>>linguistically diverse (CALD) community.

Australian examples include:


Current, VIctorian state government translation and interpreting policy 
tends towards a mediated access model rather than assisted or unassisted 
direct access models, as can be seen in the first link.

Andrew Cunningham
Multilingual Technical Officer
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