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Re: Characters, entities and references

From: Felix Sasaki <fsasaki@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 11:13:37 +0900
Message-ID: <47F2EBD1.4000108@w3.org>
To: Richard Ishida <ishida@w3.org>
CC: public-i18n-core@w3.org

Richard Ishida wrote:
> Folks,
> I did a quick summary of how XML, HTML4 and HTML5 spec refer to &#xA0; &#160; and &nsbp; constructs at http://rishida.net/blog/?page_id=147
> The most worrying thing is that HTML5 is creating a whole new set of names for these things.  So that we have a chance of being understood in the future when talking about these constructs in reviews, guidelines or talks, I propose we write to them and ask them to rename things as follows:
> Character entity references -> character references OR character escapes
> Named entities -> character entity references
> Decimal numeric entities -> decimal numeric character references
> Hexadecimal numeric entities -> hexadecimal numeric character references
> Does everyone agree?
> Perhaps we should even establish some guidelines for naming these things in specs in general.

the guidelines also depend on if the spec is defining a markup language 
or something else. See also

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