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Semantic Domination

From: Lee Curtis <lee.curtis@me.com>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 18:32:13 +1000
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To: public-hydra@w3.org

Hi All,

Thanks for your hard work on Hydra-CG. I was working on similar, so great to see I can focus on core logic again :-)

I believe Hydra is a major step forward to semantic interoperability with the RoTW (rest of the world) .

A couple of initial observations:

My team and I prefer N3 notation. I understand JSON-LD aligns more with target audience of web developers. Fair call.

In my domain, both the server and client will share the same Hydra “contract".

I’m keen to work with IRITemplates but not sure how they link to hydra:Class.

FYI: I have quite a few APIs that I want to abstract via properties, and use the template to instantiate them.

I’d love to see some worked examples, ideally in N3/Turtle (since a more real-world semantic model is easier to read in a clean triple notation, JSON-LD seems OK for snippets or during transport)

Showing my ignorance ...

AFAICT, I can query for all templates that have properties in common with my hydra:Class (my Endpoint/Servlet?). But since the IRITemplates link via IRITemplateMapping via Properties - it seems ambiguous.  

Anyways,  well done :-) Looking forward to getting it all wired up and working ...

Best Regards


FYI: Our App is at: http://www.scorpio4.com/ - we have more code / tests /docs to add, but an initial public release is set for end of July.

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