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Re: Use and abuse of @summary

From: Patrick H. Lauke <redux@splintered.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 11:52:05 +0000
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On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 11:32 AM, Lachlan Hunt <lachlan.hunt@lachy.id.au> wrote:

> It also doesn't seem to fit the description in WCAG2 about how to use the
> summary attribute:
> "... to provide a brief overview of how data has been organized into a
>  table or a brief explanation of how to navigate the table."
> http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20-TECHS/H73.html

Worth noting that WCAG 2 techniques are advisory, rather than
mandatory. Personally, I disagree with this technique's particular
suggested use of summary for simple tables...and, as it's only
advisory, that's fine...as long as i and my users are happy that the
actual mandatory SC 1.3.1 is satisfied.

Patrick H. Lauke
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