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Re: Discussions with plh [was: Moving Forward]

From: Sam Ruby <rubys@intertwingly.net>
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2009 18:23:48 -0500
Message-ID: <49878084.1080800@intertwingly.net>
To: Maciej Stachowiak <mjs@apple.com>
CC: HTML WG <public-html@w3.org>

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> On Feb 2, 2009, at 1:53 PM, Sam Ruby wrote:
>> = Topic 1: License =
>> We started with the license.  In my discussions with Ian and at 
>> Mozilla, I gathered that it was a shared understanding that by October 
>> that the license for the W3C license would be somehow open source 
>> friendly, and specifically that a Creative Commons Attribution license 
>> was something that was of common and general interest.
>> Philippe remains highly supportive of this direction, and indicated 
>> that it would be helpful to him if this were more than simply a 
>> general understanding, but instead were an explicit decision of the 
>> working group.
>> I already know that this is the intent and desire of Ian.  Therefore, 
>> I intend to place on Thursday's agenda a request for supporters and/or 
>> objections on this direction.  If we get a minimum of two independent 
>> supporters and no objections by the following Thursday, I'll inform 
>> plh of the decision.  If we don't, I'll continue to work the issue, 
>> giving people an opportunity to request a poll and/or I'll work with 
>> people to help them clarify their objections.
> I strongly agree with the license change, and I doubt there is anyone 
> who objects. But still, I think we should follow the group decision 
> policy which is to allow asynchronous participation. So perhaps it would 
> be appropriate to start soliciting support and objections by email 
> before the Thursday meeting.

Just to be clear, what I said was (emphasis added):

    If we get a minimum of two independent
    supporters and no objections by the FOLLOWING Thursday

> In that spirit, I'd like to express my support for the license change.
> Regards,
> Maciej

- Sam Ruby
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