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Re: Point of Extensibility

From: Dr. Olaf Hoffmann <Dr.O.Hoffmann@gmx.de>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 16:48:25 +0100
To: public-html@w3.org
Message-Id: <200804031748.26053.Dr.O.Hoffmann@gmx.de>

Henri Sivonen:
>I'm not at all convinced that a wrapper named <ext> would solve  
>problems that a wrapper named <svg> wouldn't.

SVG currently does not require for example to interprete MathML, 
therefore it would be strange to put elements from MathML into
an svg element appearing in a 'HTML5' document ;o)

I think, such container elements fit nicely into the currently
available multimedia containers like canvas, video, audio, object.
If the design of this group is adjusted a little bit, this approach
might be explainable to 'ordinary authors' ;o) 
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