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Re: Support Existing Content

From: Dão Gottwald <dao@design-noir.de>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 18:21:46 +0200
Message-ID: <4637691A.6020705@design-noir.de>
To: "Philip Taylor (Webmaster)" <P.Taylor@Rhul.Ac.Uk>
CC: W3C List <public-html@w3.org>

Philip Taylor (Webmaster) schrieb:
> Dão Gottwald wrote:
>> Maybe in the future. Until today, average Jane doesn't produce 
>> programs, but she does have a blog or a myspace page.
> For which HTML 4.01 is more than adequate.

I daresay that's nonsense. HTML 5 will introduce new features, and 
casual users will want to use them (<video> comes to my mind). Locking 
them out is inexpedient and not practicable.

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