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Re: html5 syntax - why not use xml syntax?

From: Mynthon Gmail <mynthon1@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 10:59:45 +0200
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To: public-html@w3.org

Sorry. Maybe because of my english you have found some santences as offence while they are not.

Smylers wrote:

>> It is probably because of backward compatibility but imo it is not
>> good idea.

>You don't think backwards compatibility is a good idea?  You don't want
>HTML5 web browsers to be able to parse lots of existing HTML content?

why not able? So html5 browsers will not display:

>Writing well-formed XML by hand is tricky.  Given that browsers are
>going to have to parse traditional-style HTML anyway, letting authors
>use the simpler, more permissive, syntax makes their lives easier.

>It also increases the amount of valid HTML out there; the lower the
>restrictions on what is valid HTML, the more of the HTML that's written
>will be valid.

>> But there is very big problem in exchanging informations between html
>> and xml formats (or parsing html fragments).

>That's only a problem for those who wish to do that.  Many HTML
>documents go nowhere near any XML documents, XML editors, or XML
>processors.  Many people want nothing at all to do with XML.  Why should
>the lives of those who just want to create webpages and who don't use
>XML be made harder?

Not not only:
1. it will be easier for html coder to switch to xhtml/xml
2. it is easier to remember that every value have to be quoted than some values have to be quoted and some dont have to:

"WOW. If it works:"
<input type=text>
"Maybe i can write:"
<input ... class=input checked>
"instead of:"
<input ... class="input checked">
"Oh no - something does not work. When i have to quote values? Where can i find info? OMG, HTML i s so stupid"

3. Again - it is easier to remember that every tag have to be closed.

"WOW. If it works:"
"Maybe i can write:"
"instead of:"
"Oh no - something does not work. When i have to close tags? Where can i find info? OMG, HTML i s so stupid"

>> you cannot simply paste it into xml source (or use some kind of xml
>> parser) and then parse entire document, you have to close all tags
>> etc. When you have to put html code into bigger xml document it is
>> madness (not sparta).

>Yes.  But that is only one scenario.  Fortunately HTML5 allows both;
>those with requirements like the above can choose the XML variant; and
>those who prefer the relaxed syntax can use that.

yes - i have choice but there is one browser...

>> Of couse you can say that people still can close tags etc. but i know

>Who is "THEY"?  Do you mean "all authors" or "some authors"?

they - people who don't know what w3c is. Don't know there is a specification for html.

>> Forcing html-users to write xml compatible code will be very big step
>> forward.

>Why?  You're writing as though it's a universal truth that XML is better
>than non-XML.  Is that a design principle of this group?

It works now very well, but it is called XHTML/Transitional. You can have xml-valid syntax inside text/html document:

My idea is to have compatible syntax, but xhtml is xhtml with its own parse and html is html with its own parser. Only syntax is unified.

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