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practical use/techniques of alt attribute for images

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 06:59:36 +0900
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To: Gregory J.Rosmaita <oedipus@hicom.net>

Le 16 août 2007 à 06:14, Gregory J. Rosmaita a écrit :
> i have an album of photos i've taken in order
>    to simply find out from the wider community (also known as the
>    world) for which i've asked for descriptions, both terse and long,
>    and those who bothered to view them didn't seem to find it at all
>    impossible to explain to a blind man the contents of a photo he
>    has taken (http://my.opera.com/oedipus/albums) -- you vastly
>    under-estimate the capacities of your fellow humans when you make
>    such broad claims about the "problem" of explaning "the meaning of
>    something visually complex" -- how complex?  who determines the
>    level of complexity?  no one has even attemp

It is interesting because most of the Web 2.0 sites are "ah and oh"  
about user generated content (Flickr included). Indeed the quality of  
the content varies a lot depending on who wants to write about it.

Google for example has introduced a game on images to enrich metadata  
and findability. I wonder if it had positive results. It would be  
good to know.

I'm reading the alt thread for a while and tries to balance the two  
point of view. In the way I read it, I use this process for each mail.

1. I have no definitive answer yet
2. For now, alt attributes exist in HTML 4.01
3. In the pages which have been conceived with accessibility in mind,  
(such as there was a conscious choice from the author to make the  
page accessible), how many people got it good, how many people got it  
wrong? This is an interesting survey.
4. Is there mechanism to explicitly associate text and images which
	- gives accessibility for people who need it.
	- makes it easier for authors to achieve accessibility.

Gregory, in your *own* daily experience of using the alt

   1. for authoring alt in your album, what are the process you see  
that could improve it
   2. when reading pages with contain alt, how often the alt is  
enough for you or how often do you need the surrounding text of the  
image to really understand the content of the image?

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