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Please clarify procedure and recourse for non-working group members when they are unsatisfied with a bug resolution

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 <p>For products of the HTML Working Group, particularly HTML5, we expect a high volume of Last Call comments. We expect most comments can be resolved in a satisfactory way by the editor of the affected draft. However, there are a few reasons we need to formalize our process a little bit. First, we are required by W3C Process to track and formally respond to all Last Call comments, and to produce a disposition of comments document in order to exit Last Call. Second, some comments will not be satisfactory as initially fielded by the editor, and will need to be resolved by a decision of the Working Group. Third, it needs to be very clear to commenters how to get their input formally considered.</p>
+<p>Non-members are encouraged to join the working group so they can
+fully participate in this process. But extenuating circumstances for
+not joining the group will be considered by the Chairs on a
+case-by-case basis.</p>
 <p>While the primary purpose of this process is for Last Call, we'd like to start on the process of migrating the Working Group over to the process right away. We've already informally been asking commenters to follow some of these steps.</p>
 <p>The way we will make decisions involves two subprocesses:
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