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From: Arthur Clifford <art@artspad.net>
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 15:46:00 -0700
To: "'Musgrove, Jason L'" <J.L.Musgrove2@wlv.ac.uk>, "'Gervase Markham'" <gerv@gerv.net>, "'Simon Pieters'" <simonp@opera.com>, <public-html-comments@w3.org>
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The clip tag idea is intriguing in that a clip could be audio, video, or an
image. If the clip tag supported optional 'delayBefore' and/or 'delayAfter'
attribute one could conceivably create an animation out of images, including
images of different types. The clips could also have a boolean 'preload'
attribute to indicate whether to load a clip when the video tag is

If the notion of a playlist is supported that would also mean the usual
playlist sorts of functions, next/back/repeat mode/playmode (i.e. shuffle,

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If what is being aimed for is the sequential playing of more than one
media item, why not amend the spec such that the appropriate media
element (either <audio> or <video>) be permitted to have child elements
that define a playlist in lieu of a src attribute (which can still be
used if only one media item is to played), and let the browser take care
of the sequencing without the unnecessary addition of script to do this.

Suggested example:

	<clip src="video1.m4v" />
	<clip src="video2.m4v" />

The API could then be augmented to include a ".clips" property which
represents a collection of the clip elements, and provides appropriate
methods to manipulate the "playlist".
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